Heavy Timbers

Hardwood timbers for heavy blocking.
Douglas fir timbers and planks to 40 Feet

  • Treated or untreated

Oak and Mixed Hardwood Timbers

Railroad and rail car industry lumber

  • Jack blocks and wrecker
  • wedges
  • Wheel chocks
  • Cedar tie plugs
  • Car stakes, similar products
  • for loading railcars.
  • Car decking, both douglas
  • fir and oak
  • Rail ties, including switch ties, half ties and bridge timbers
  • shipyard lumber

Shipyard Lumber

  • Oak keel block timbers
  • Hardwood wedges
  • Softwood and hardwood
  • timbers
  • Barge decking
  • Special cut or drilled material

Commercial Construction Projects

Our Eagle, Idaho branch specializes in bidding lumber for commercial projects.
Contact Isaac Hasselblad for more information

  • Framing Lumber
  • Engineered Wood Products

Isaac Hasselblad 208-938-2691

Specialty Lumber

Truck decking

  • Softwood or hardwood, rough or surfaced

Plywood for special uses

  • Marine construction
  • Concrete forming
  • Crating, skids and coverboards

Dunnage lumber

  • Crating material
  • Cribbing

Cut-to-length stickers

  • Stickers can be pre-cut and shipped ready for immediate use
  • Strapping groove available if needed

Special items

  • Hardwood or softwood timbers, fabricated or drilled to your specifications
  • Crane Mat timbers
  • Pallets, Pallet stock
  • Lath and grade stakes
  • Kiln sticks
  • Marine Blocking, Keel Blocks
  • Wedges and shims
  • Nailing chocks (can be pre-drilled)
  • Cardboard dunnage, cornerboards and cover boards
  • Canted and “chamfered” lumber, with one or more faces cut at angles
  • Poles and piling, treated or untreated.